Saturday, March 14, 2009

new sEm

i StaRT My NEW sEM..aS usuAl,i g0 t0 ofFice,regist,n bLAa,blaa..i vE new rumatE.her namE saBrina.i call her KAk sab..she already marriED and has 4 children.she just bring the y0unger s0n,hanAfi.he iS vey cUte n xtif b0y..

dis seM,i n0e the truth..with wh0m i fren.i th0ugt she is a nice alth0ugh she n0 perf0rm her s0lat.buT i 0wez give oder t0 her to peRforM her s0lat.i luv her c0s she 0wez give me a spirit wHen im d0wn..da trUth is,sHe stepback me!!sedey w0o...

alHAmdulillah,im starT bz wiz ma assign..tq ustaz,,i learn many new things n0w..
live well o ive hell..i ch0ose,,

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